Failure is not an object.
                               It’s an object lesson!
I've always been a failure!  It's a secret I don't mind sharing but there's more to it.  I'm in pretty good company.  Michael Jordan was cut from his high school hoops team.  Both Beethoven and Lucille Ball were both told by teachers they were mediocre and Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper for having no imagination and lacking original thought.  Charles Shultz couldn't get his cartoons accepted in his High School yearbook or Walt to hire him.  Albert Einstein was considered a dunce before he became "relatively" famous as a genius.  Corporate legends Henry Ford and Bill Gates failed dismally in their first business attempts and the Beatles sang "I'm a Loser", literally, when they were turned down repeatedly by record companies just as Steven King and John Grisham were rejected countless times by publishers as talentless.  In fact King's wife actually pulled his first successful mega hit "Carrie"out of the trash.  The point is that failure is only really failure if we refuse to learn from it.  Javier Bardem told a 2011 Oscar Awards interviewer that he valued his failed films most...because he grew the most from them.  So go out there, keep the faith, and take your chances and your hard knocks.  It’s how the work validates the creativity...part of the thrill of victory and the agony of de feet!  The secret is to…keep "failing forward"! 

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  1. Brian couldn't have chosen a better time to post this particular subject. Turning failure into an object lesson may be the most challenging thing to do in any aspect of life.
    There are times I wonder how long I can endure it. Brian never ceases to be a source of inspiration.